Charlie’s Adventure is out!

Download links are on my company’s official page, here

After hefty testing, feature creeps and intense debugging, I’m finally proud to be “done” with the remake of
Dino Squad, The game is now renamed to Charlie’s adventure as a part of the Dino Rescue Team stories.

I’ve Decided to move away from the Dino Rescue team concept and make the game focus a bit more about the hero
himself, Charlie.

Additionally, the game has been redesigned for children, so no data collection, no private data leaks and I’ve
decided to keep this game free and without ads.

Targeting a game towards children imposes interesting challenges, UI, game mechanics and storyline has to simply fit
for the little ones!

The game will also come soon on AppleTV currently in beta and in the review process!

Give it a try and let me know your feedback ? download links can be found here

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