Cocoaheads Trondheim Talk

I’ve given a little talk at Cocoaheads Trondheim about how we use Jenkins CI inside Zedge, and did a little hands on demo.

Here is the slides used and the demo project created that day, feel free to contact me if you have any questions !

Download Presentation

Download Xcode project

Steps to get Jenkins on your mac (For sake of simplicity I used homebrew)

if you already have homebrew, simply follow those steps to get jenkins:

After installation is done, we directly run Jenkins using that command (remember that closing this terminal will kill the Jenkins process)

java -jar /usr/local/opt/jenkins/libexec/jenkins.war

After it fully starts you can access Jenkins by pointing your browser to


Remember to install the Git plugin, Xcode plugin and the Cobertura coverage plugin in order to get code coverage

In order to have code coverage we need to use the gcovr tool, this is available through pip at the moment, if you don’t have pip installed

simply install it using easy_install:

sudo easy_install pip

then use pip to get gcovr using that command:

pip install gcovr

You now have the same setup we had at the demo, if something breaks don’t hesitate to ask !

I might make more useful revisions of that tiny tutorial later if needed so keep following if you’re interested !

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